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For my best friend’s 21st birthday she wanted to have a tea party. So we made all sorts of delicious things.

TARDIS blue funfetti cupcakes
Fish Fingers and Custard
Short Bread
Cream tea with cranberry scones
Italian tuna dip and chips
Elvish Lembas bread
Tuna sandwhiches
Pretzels with a Hershey kiss and blue M&M’s

On Fish fingers and custard: Its actually not bad. I kind of like it in fact.

The handsome kitty in the last two photo’s is her cat, Tolkien. He wanted to join in the festivities so badly. He even jumped up on our table in search of treats.

The Sherlock tea is from Adagio Teas

We had so much fun!! I’m on the right in the chair, the birthday girl is standing behind me. The two girls are two of her best friends/roommates from college.

After this we watched Sherlock and Doctor Who all evening.

posted 15 Jun 2013 @ 09:28
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